Why Diets Don’t Work

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Why Detox Twice A Year?

Why Diets Don’t Work

Healthy eating plans and consultations available at Orion Retreat, Koh Samui

Healthy eating plans and consultations available at Orion Retreat, Koh Samui

Healthy eating plans and consultations available at Orion Retreat, Koh Samui

Besides career, finances, or relationships, what we eat (or don’t eat) is the most thought about, talked about, and obsessed about subject in our modern age. Each and every one of us has endured many diets, some of us are even on a permanent diet!

D.I.E.T. is the 4-letter word we all dread, it conjures up connotations of loathing, guilt, anger, dread, and self-resentment. It’s the ultimate self-imprisonment. That new diet that starts tomorrow, Monday, the beginning of next month, New Year; it creates a never-ending cycle of apprehension and unease…kind of like an impending jail term.

The worst part of diets is the simple fact that they don’t work. At least not on a long-term basis. The reason for this is quite simple: When you reduce calories, you reduce nutrients, and when you reduce nutrients, you get hungry. When hunger sets in, the resolve is broken, and then it’s over and back to square one. We’ve all been there. In layman’s terms, this is the cycle of eat, starve, eat, starve, EAT. It’s not natural for the body to endure this process. So how do we avoid it for good, but still lose weight?

First off, don’t count calories. Please. It’s just a waste of time. For instance, a banana may have more calories than a wheat cracker, but the body can utilise the banana way more efficiently than the wheat cracker, which contains no real nutrients or anything of real value. When the body can digest, assimilate, and eliminate a food properly, it is useful. When a food is low in nutrients and calories, it just gets burned up too quickly by the body, creating more hunger, which of course, necessitates more eating.

Secondly, cutting portion size is no good if the portions are bad foods. A hamburger and fries is a hamburger and fries, no matter how much or how little is on the plate. It’s far better to eat large amounts of healthy, fresh, nutrient-rich foods that the body can digest, assimilate, and eliminate easily.

And lastly, no healthy eating plan can be effective if the body is not cleansed of toxic build-up first. Adding more fibre is pointless if there is existing colon blockage, as the high fibre foods will only ‘get stuck’ behind the blockage, creating bloating and discomfort. A full detox and cleanse of the digestive system is the best way to get rid of waste so renewed healthy eating can be most effective.

Detoxifying the body is the most potent method of ridding the body of bad dietary habits. Once the body has cleared out the undigested food particles and toxic waste, it’s almost like a reset button has been pushed and lifelong eating habits can be changed for good. Think of it like wiping the board clean for a new painting. You cannot paint a picture on top of an old picture – you’ll just see a mess. You have to wipe the board clean and start over to see the full picture, feel the full effects of a detox program and only then can you drop that four-letter word from your vocabulary forever.

For more information on detoxification, body cleanse and weight-loss, please visit www.orionretreat.com

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