What is Reiki and why is it so important to us at Orion Retreat?

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What is Reiki and why is it so important to us at Orion Retreat?

simonThe word Reiki is Japanese in origin and may be translated as “Universal Energy”. Like many of the ancient languages, traditional Japanese was highly symbolic giving greater depth to its meaning than the few words that we are able to use in modern English, but for the purpose of this article we may use this simple translation. If you are interested in understanding the greater depth of its meaning you can visit www.aetw.org/reiki_def.html
Reiki is also used to describe the Healing Art or technique of Spiritual Healing developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. With this system, the Reiki healer or practitioner uses his/her hands to pass this Universal Energy on to the client. Often a specific set of hand positions are used in order to distribute the energy throughout the receiver. The Reiki practitioner is acknowledged as being a “channel” for the Reiki energy and does not use his/her own energy. This makes Reiki a very “clean” form of healing as the receiver cannot be “contaminated” by any negativity present in the healer and the healer, in turn, does not take any negative energy from the client. In this way, both the client and practitioner receive a healing from the Universal Energy.

Modern science, in its exploration at the quantum scale has come to the understanding that everything is energy, even something material that we perceive as being solid is actually a mass of moving energy or vibration and at the quantum level is no more solid than something we perceive as being “not solid” such as a sound or a feeling. Science has also discovered that this energy is affected by and responds to consciousness which means that we, as the observers of the 3rd dimensional material world that we inhabit are actually influencing the way in which that world is. In other words, as many of the great masters and spiritual teachers have been telling us since the beginning of time, we are all co-creators of our own reality.

Another aspect of this world of energy of which we are part that is important to mention here is that everything and everybody is interconnected at the energetic level and that what happens to one has an effect on the whole. This is often referred to as “the butterfly effect”. Again, as we have been taught by the spiritual teachers, we are indeed all one. Every action, thought and feeling of each of us sends out a ripple of energy that affects each and every one of us.

On an energetic scale, Reiki is a very high vibration, similar to other high vibrations such as unconditional love and bliss. It is these high vibrations that create abundance, growth and health. In these conditions, both as individuals and as a collective, we thrive in harmony with our environment, other species and the planet itself. As vibrations drop we enter into those such as fear, anger and shame. It is at these lower vibrations that our bodies become diseased as toxic thoughts and feeling are embodied and stagnate within the physical body. Also at these levels of vibration is where we see decay and disorder in the world around us, fuelled by a collective energy of fear, anger and shame. Could this be the reason why conditions such as cancer are becoming increasingly prevalent as we fall deeper, as a collective, into the depths of these low vibration energies?

When a Reiki healer or practitioner passes this high frequency energy to the client, the Reiki energy raises any low vibration energy that he or she may be holding in their physical, mental or emotional bodies and thus the healing happens. This is why after receiving a Reiki treatment; we will feel energised and positive. Like being in love, when we are filled with this high vibration energy of “unconditional love”, there is no place for negativity which is the root cause of many of our conditions. From this perspective, from the least to the most serious condition, we believe that healing happens through transformation rather than “getting rid of”. When we accept rather than resist our situations, whether they are in the body or out there in our lives and allow in the positive energies of love, compassion and empathy, we transform and heal them. Reiki is often the catalyst for many people to make the switch from the negative into the positive after which nature takes over and healing happens.

For us at Orion, the switch that happens during a Reiki session from the negative to the positive and the releasing of energetic or emotional blocks that accompany these is the key to healing. This, combined with the physical cleansing of the body during the detox process, along with daily yoga and a natural, nurturing environment create the perfect conditions for restoration, rejuvenation and ultimately healing. Our goal is that each and every person that comes to us for a wellness or detox retreat will leave here able to start living their lives to their full potential; in turn we help to heal humanity and the planet one person at a time.

By Simon Belcher, Co-founder, Reiki Master and teacher at The Orion Retreat Centre




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