What will I experience on an Ultimate Transformation Retreat?

These longer retreat programs lead you through a gentle process of transformation at all levels of your being. Combining the best of the Orion programs into a single ultimate wellness experience.
What will I experience on an Ultimate Transformation Retreat? n initial and gentle transition from the outside world into Orion’s nurturing and healing environment is supported by a healthy raw food diet, a personalized consultation with our health coach and plenty of spa and holistic treatments. From this you will transition into a full juice cleanse in order to rid the body of toxic accumulation. You will be guided and supported on a daily basis throughout this process, always with the potential to adapt the structure of the program to your specific needs. Once the cleanse is completed, you will transition back into eating through an intelligently planned post-cleanse period, preparing you for the final part of the program during which you will enjoy a nutritious, high quality vegetarian menu prepared at our Alchemy Café. Your journey to a new you at this stage will be supported by daily personal training with one of our international fitness coaches.

What is the difference between juices I can purchase from the store and fresh juices? So-called “healthy” juices bought at the store are pasteurised, and filled with added sugars. The heating process also kills off all the vital enzymes that the body desperately needs. Not only are these juices lacking in freshness, but they raise blood sugar levels and are acid-forming in the body. Freshly made juices have all the vital nutrients needed for a detox – enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

The result is a complete MIND, BODY & SPIRIT transformation.

Ultimate Transformation Retreat includes:

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