Rejuvenate yourself with a full range of treatments which include massage, body scrub, body wrap and holistic healing spa treatments.

With two separated treatment areas , Lovely Spa offers an incomparable mosaic of spa therapies to promote radiance within and total well-being.

Relax with expert and award winning masseuses invoking rhythmic and relaxing touch. Our massage and pampering packages will restore balance to your mind and body. The spa is surrounded by towering trees and a lush tropical garden. All massage and spa treatments are performed in the Spa , a setting of quiet tranquility and peacefulness. Surrounded with the sounds of nature, experience the ultimate in Traditional Thai massage- feel your senses being revived and your body fall in to a state of deep relaxation.

The Thai ancient way to release built-up tension, improve blood circulation & restore the natural flow of your body energy. Massage detoxifies the body by stimulating the lymphatic system thus heightening the immune system. Your detox will be truly enhanced!


Traditional Thai massage has gained a reputation for its ability to alleviate backache, headache, stomach ache, and nervous tension as well as more serious ailments such as fever, epileptic fit, early paralysis and spinal defects.

Thai massage is based on the concept of invisible energy lines running along the body. This is linked to ancient Indian yoga philosophy, which state that we receive life energy, or prana, via a network of 72000 energy lines that interconnect along our bodies.

Thai massage focuses on 10 key lines, known as “sip cen”

The energy along these lines powers all of our physical, mental and emotional processes, so when there is an energy imbalance the body’s harmony is disrupted, causing pain and disease, Massaging along the energy lines can break down the energy blockages, stimulate the flow of “prana” and restore general well-being.


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