A Beautiful Place Yet Again – Second Time Around

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Orion exceeded my expectation

A Beautiful Place Yet Again – Second Time Around

This is my second review for Orion, because I was there in October and December 2017. Please also read my first review (An Incredible Journey In A Beautiful Setting –
10 October 2017) as I will highlight different things here.

This time I stayed for two weeks and although it was different (weather was more rainy, guests whom I met were obviously new), it was definitely still wonderful.

Again there was much on offer, and some of what stood out for me was:
Uschi and my Raw Food Morning – Uschi creates raw food magic and then passes on her knowledge to those interested in learning more. The first time around was amazing and this time it was just as good with other recipes made – most dishes made using a blender/food processor, quick, easy and nutritious. Uschi also makes amazing vegan cheeses which are fantastic and can be bought and brought back home (which is what I did). If you are interested in a cleaner, healthier and more vibrant lifestyle, ask the Orion staff (who are incredible) to arrange a treat of time in which to explore raw food more. Uschi is testament to what she teaches – vibrant, positive, energetic, life giving and a force of nature to be reckoned with – in a good way! She has also collaborated with Orion for their new menu – YUM!!! Thanks, Uschi
Luca – nutritionist, yoga instructor and teacher of all things good for the mind and body – well worth going to his demonstrations on juicing – he has much knowledge in nutrition and the link between well being and juicing/eating with balance. Thanks, Luca
Different therapies – so many to choose from, but to be noted because they are helpful for the purpose of being at this healing center
Staff – Simon, Tanoi, Ann and Nan – all very special people. Someone new whom I didn’t get a great opportunity to get to know more but whom it seems is a great fit for Orion – Elle – another friendly face amongst the many at this retreat!

Keep it up! You all rock!

Hugs and kisses,