Orion Retreat Raw Living Food Classes

Why Eat Seasonal?
Getting a Complete Protein

Orion Retreat Raw Living Food Classes

We Are What We Eat….12003205_1645384455678669_3278076489824730508_n

Food gives us energy to live, love, travel, and use our potential….. but if we don’t choose wisely what we eat, we will face various illnesses & diseases.

Join Orion Retreat Raw Living Food Classes and learn the fundamentals of raw food and plant-based nutrition, natural superfoods, delicious recipe and kitchen setup (duration 4.5 hours).
Living foods are rich in enzymes, chlorophyll, phytonutrients and other compounds which are essential for optimal health and digestion. Healthy enzymes do not survive temperatures greater than 46°C (most enzymes degrade at around 41°C).

raw food cooking classes in orion retreat center thailandFood in its natural and fresh state has more life force and therefore healing and energising for our immune system.

Come to our classes and experience the benefits of raw food, the life force flowing through you and begin living to your full potential!

Classes available on weekdays. For reservation and more information please, contact: anastasia@orionretreat.com, or call +66 (0)9 3 661 9879, +66 (0)9 3 620 8066

Group and children discount available.

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