Incompatible Food Combinations And Digestion

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Incompatible Food Combinations And Digestion

Digestion it is the single most significant process that the body undertakes. Good digestion means health, bad digestion means ill health and disease. It is quite that simple.

One of the most overlooked and misunderstood rules of eating is the combination of proteins and carbohydrates. It is not natural for the human species – or any other species – to combine the two in one meal. Our digestive tracts are ill equipped to process them together, and when we do so continually and over time, we create problems for our body.

Proteins require an acid enzyme called Pepsin for digestion, and carbohydrates require an alkaline called Ptyalin for digestion…. two completely different digestive enzymes. Carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth, and protein digestion in the stomach.

Acid + Alkaline = …….Water?

When an acid and an alkaline digestive juice meet, guess what happens – they neutralize and become water…literally. Yet nearly every culinary tradition on the entire planet is based on two fundamentals to create a “balanced” meal: A protein, and a carbohydrate. Whether spaghetti Bolognese, a pepperoni pizza, a tuna sandwich or roast pork and potato dinner, the same thing applies: Our bodies will secrete two different digestive enzymes to break down the meal, meaning a lot of our food goes undigested and becomes toxic.

A good example is a hamburger. Beef is actually surprisingly easy for the stomach to digest – if eaten alone. It will take roughly 4-6 hours to digest properly if eaten this way, but throw a doughy bun into the mix, and things become difficult. It can take the body between 10-30 hours to fully digest and assimilate a hamburger and fries. Of course a lot of this depends on a person’s metabolism and overall health. Some people take a lot longer to digest food than others. However, one fact is clear: When you mix an animal protein with a starchy carbohydrate, the body uses a staggering amount of energy to digest it. Imagine what this does in the long term, as the body requires nutrients to build new cells. If our body expends all its energy digesting food with low nutritional value, then it stands to reason that it will not have what it requires

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