Fonio – The New Wonder Grain?

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Fonio – The New Wonder Grain?

0_03_0_0_03_0_06_250_278_csupload_55982542Fonio – the crop that holds the answer to the world’s food crisis!
It’s medical properties have been proven to manage diabetes and obesity.

Eat fonio and remain healthy for life!

Fonio is highly rich in amino acids and iron. It is also very nutritious for pregnant women and children. It is free of gluten and is a great alternative for gluten-intolerant people, in particular those suffering from Celiac Disease.

Due to its high fiber content, this grain is also recommended for the elderly, and for people suffering from digestive problems. Moreover, because of its insulin secreting properties, Fonio products have found that diabetics are their key customers.

Fonio is richer in calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese than other grains. This grain also contains high levels of methionine and cystine, amino acids essential to our health which our body cannot produce on its own. Fonio grains can play a vital role in nourishing human health. These nutrients are missing in today’s major cereals. Fonio does not contain any glutamine or gladding proteins which are the constituents of gluten, making this cereal suitable for people with gluten intolerance. Fonio is the most nutritious of all grains. Not only does this crop deserve much greater recognition, it has a big future. It is one of the world’s best-tasting cereals.

Now here’s the interesting part

How can you find Fonio? It’s easy if you know where to look. You can only find it in Africa. Few markets in Africa carry it, but how close are you to them? Lucky for online shoppers, you can now order Fonio from any part of the world from Amadin Consulting Services and get your nutritious Fonio with a free recipe handbook. Today!!!

Culinary Uses of Fonio Grains

There are many uses of this ingredient and it is considered as the best tasting cereal. It can be used instead of rice or grains and can also be added to regular flour for its nutritional values. Flour from this crop can also be used for making cakes and fritters. It can be used for baking bread and traditionally, it is eaten as couscous or gruel (thick or thin).

Popular Fonio Recipes

Children and elderly popularly consume it, since it can be easily digested. Those on diets will find it pleasing to taste since Fonio is low in fat. Another popular recipe is a combination of sesame with this grain.

Pilaf Fonio Recipe

In fry oil, brown meat thin sliced onions, garlic and parsley crushed, tomatoes peeled, deseeded and cut and the tomato purée. Add salt and add 2 liters of water, spices and herbs and simmer for about 1 hour. At mid-time cooking, add vegetables washed and regularly cut. Take out the vegetables as they are cooked and set aside in a serving dish. Cook the meat well and take one to two ladles of bouillon and remove the meat. Add to the vegetables and keep it hot. “Sprinkle” precooked Fonio in the remaining bouillon while stirring; the bouillon must cover Fonio. Cover the cooking pot and simmer while stirring from time to time. Serve hot with vegetables, meat (chicken or fish).

Health and Nutritional Value of Fonio Grain

  • Highly rich in amino acids and iron, its tiny grains are very nutritious for pregnant women and children.
  • The husked grain of fonio contains 8-10 % proteins, 85% carbohydrates, 4% fats and 1% ash.
  • Fonio grains are immensely rich in methionine, cystine and other amino acids which play a vital role in nourishing human health. These nutrients are missing in today’s major cereals.
  • The protein analysis of white fonio in comparison with a whole egg is: 7.3 percent of methionine, 46 percent of lysine, 72% isoleucine, 90-100% of valine, tryptophan, threonine, and phenylalanine, 127% of leucine; 175% of total sulfur; and 189 percent for methionine.
  • Furthermore, fonio does not contain any gluten or gliadin proteins which are the constituents of gluten, making this cereal suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

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