What will I experience on a Fat Burn with Strength and Conditioning Retreat?

What will I experience on a fat burn with strength and conditioning retreat?

Many of the world’s leading athletes are now turning to a vegetarian diet with the understanding that this is best for their health, performance and wellbeing. There are many incredibly successful athletes who follow a plant based diet (whether vegetarian or fully vegan) and argue it helps their performance rather than hinders it. Though their dietary choices eliminate meat as a source of protein, meat is by no means the only way to incorporate protein into the diet. In fact, many nutritionists now confirm that a plant based diet can offer all the necessary protein and carbohydrates without such a high dose of cholesterol and saturated fats.

This program combines an incredible all-inclusive high-protein, low carb, reduced calorie vegetarian diet with a daily regime of personal training and fitness coaching. You will spend time in the pools, sea, yoga sala and out in nature on bicycles, foot and in Kayaks.

You will burn fat, gain muscle and improve your overall fitness and stamina, not to mention the inevitable great mental attitude that comes with a regular exercise and fitness plan and a complete and comprehensive body cleanse.

Fat Burn with Strength and Conditioning Retreat Includes:

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