Detoxing can cure food addictions and cravings

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Detoxing can cure food addictions and cravings

Have you found yourself on the tail end of yet another failed diet, and found yourself back to square one, craving and eating the foods that you know are bad for you? Do you find an insatiable need to go out and eat all the foods that you’re trying to avoid during your diet program? For so many people, this is a never-ending, futile, and often self-defeating process.

article-0-0B9591EF00000578-865_468x310Well don’t be so hard on yourself, because there’s no easy way to simply stop eating the foods that the body has become accustomed to. Cellular memory may mean that we inherit the same likes and dislikes as our parents, but it can also mean that established eating patterns and food addictions are difficult or impossible to change.

Think of nicotine or drugs. The addiction to drugs like heroin is so powerful that a person has to undergo a complete detox, cleansing the entire body of the drug in order to combat cravings and move beyond the body’s incessant calling for more.

Removing bad foods from the diet is the same. The body begins to crave foods that it is accustomed to eating, as the “imprint” of these foods are left behind. Making a rapid change to a healthy eating plan before the body is cleaned out of toxic residue of the “bad” foods can be physically and psychologically challenging. So what is the answer? A complete detox, cleanse, and revamp of the body’s cells, tissues, and digestive tract is the only answer.

A detox program complete with juices, soups and supplements, is the best way to reprogram the body, to reestablish eating patterns and get rid of cravings once and for all. Allowing the digestion to rest enables the body to:

• Rebuild cells and tissues
• Cleanse itself of undigested fats and animal proteins
• Get rid of waste from chemotherapy or radiation
• Rid itself of heavy metals absorbed by air, food, and water
• Restore a fatty liver to good health
• Cleanse the entire digestive tract/alimentary canal
• Rid itself of candida and other parasites
• Strengthen immune system
• Change unhealthy food habits and addictions

All of this is within reach easily, for anyone, in the comfort of home. To find out more, please visit, so that we can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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