• 7 Day Juice Detox. Personal experience Of Carol.
     This week’s cleanse has been a rich and potent experience.  I lost weight (not necessarily my goal for cleansing) and gained clarity and more self-awareness.  I […]
  • What is Reiki and why is it so important to us at Orion Retreat?
    The word Reiki is Japanese in origin and may be translated as “Universal Energy”. Like many of the ancient languages, traditional Japanese was highly symbolic giving […]
  • Pranayama – The Art of Breath, The Art Of Life
    “When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.” Author Unknown Prāṇāyāma means “extension of the prāṇa or life force” in Sanskrit. The term consists of the […]
  • Chi Nei Tsang – Healing Abdominal Massage
    Chi Nei Tsang is a touch-healing method, a type of abdominal massage and a healing system which takes its roots from traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly focused on […]
  • Getting a Complete Protein
    Protein is found in every cell of the body. All muscles, glands and organs have protein as a major component. It is also present in many […]
  • Orion Retreat Raw Living Food Classes
    We Are What We Eat…. Food gives us energy to live, love, travel, and use our potential….. but if we don’t choose wisely what we eat, […]
  • Why Eat Seasonal?
    Eat local. Eat what’s in season. Eat organic…. Confused by multiple messages about what to eat and where to buy it?  We’ve looked into eating seasonal […]
  • How good nutrition can defy the aging process
    A short film about Jim Morris. As a professional bodybuilder for 30 years, Jim won many major titles including Mr. America, Mr. USA, and Mr. International. […]
  • 5 Healthy Habits For 2015
    The end of January is almost upon us, so it’s time to check in and see how much of a healthy start we’ve had so far. […]
  • Why Detox Twice A Year?
    No matter how healthy our food is, there’s no denying that our environment is still heavily polluted. Substances such as household chemicals, pesticides, carbon monoxide, chlorine, […]


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