The Vision – Spiritual Life-Connecting Retreats
“The only way to connect to existence is to go inward, because there at the centre of your being you are always connected. You have been physically disconnected from your mother. That disconnection was necessary to make you an individual in your own right, but you are not disconnected from the universe, your connection with the universe is one of consciousness. You cannot see it, so you have to go deep down with great awareness, watchfulness and you will find the connection.”
For 28 years I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life. I worked in many different fields trying different things, and yet never felt that I belonged. After spending 2 years in India I decided that I must change my path in order to have a better life.
A year later I decided to go on a journey deeper into my spiritual soul to find my true self or higher self. I always felt that there was a bigger plan to life than that which we see through our eyes and understand with the mind.
I realized that if we were on the right path in life, then things would flow and fall into place like a puzzle. When we are not on the right path things will not work out so easily, it will be like constantly swimming up stream. The Universe always gives us signs and shows us the way; we only need to learn to listen to nature and read the signs.
I always looked up to people who knew what they wanted to do in their lives, to be a doctor, engineer etc. My father always said to me that I should study computers, as they are the future. Although I felt that to complete the circle of the world we need all the professions, I told him that if I studied computers I would fulfill him and not myself, his happiness and not mine.
I decided to deeply cleanse my body from toxins by doing colonics, something I learned from a friend back in India. At the same time I was learning Reiki with my Master Paritosh. Together these experiences were an amazing life changing combination! Everything became clear to me, I felt at home for the first time. It was amazing! I cried out of happiness from feeling so connected to the universe and all humanity and knowing why I was here. Every day I would go to sleep feeling excited and looking forward to the next day to go out and play with the world, happy like a child the day before his birthday.
I suddenly understood what I was looking for and what I was meant to do in my life. At the time I was living in Manhattan, New York, working for an outdoor advertising firm – within three months I was in Thailand building a retreat center following my dream!
In 2007 a Shaman named Diana came to Koh Phangan. She had been a clairvoyant for 35 years. In the session I had with her, she told me that in one of my past lives I was a Shaman – a medicine man/healer, in Mongolia and in my last life I was enlightened. It took me over a year to understand that this was a confirmation of my Satori (Satori in sanskit means sudden glimpse of the truth or higher order) back in New York and that I have come back to help humanity.
After years of teaching Reiki and combining it with colonics and detox programs, I can share my personal experience with you that a clean vessel (body) enables us to channel energy in its purest form. The fusion of these two programs is the best alchemy to find the inner self and live to your full potential.
Experimentation with Reiki will allow you to find out for yourself how this energy can help you advance in your development and in the journey of life.
Reiki is something that connects everybody; it’s a great way to find a spiritual community, and most importantly to share Reiki and practice because the way to be a good vessel is by having experience.
My vision has always been for students to connect together all over the world and share the phenomenon of giving and receiving Reiki to enable these beautiful souls to connect/unite with people they resonate with from all over the world.
The retreat vision has manifested so that I can share this alchemy and inner wisdom with people within the natural settings of Thailand.
Thank you to Mother Nature for guidance and much more beyond words. Thanks to the divine for allowing my soul to come back and be a vessel to help bridge the man-made gap between our fellow human beings and nature so we can all live in harmony again. Many thanks to my mother who always supported me along the way, who had full understanding in me following my heart. Thanks also to my father for his patience and understanding. A special thanks to all my teachers, guides and angels along the way.
And most of all special thanks and gratitude to my amazing and beloved wife for her own transformation and personal growth, her trust and support along the way. For all her amazing work, teachings and treatments over the years and for being so strong.
Live Your Dream in health, happiness and longevity,

Ari and Daliah Barkan

Ari and Daliah are the husband and wife team who co-founded Orion Healing . They met on a Vipassana meditation retreat in 2002, at this time Ari had already opened his first Retreat Centre. They went on to establish the first Orion Centre together on Koh Phangan in 2006. Ari is a Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) Master who has been dedicated to the understanding and practice of this esoteric art for more than a decade. He teaches internationally on the subjects of energy channelling and healing, creating ripples of change with the potential to spread globally.

A true Master is a Master over himself and not over others. - Osho

Ari experienced the privilege of studying with a 6th-generation Reiki master from the traditional Usui Reiki lineage. In 2000, Ari received a vision that led him to an understanding of his path. He followed this vision to Thailand, where he studied meditation with Thai monks in traditional cave settings and the esoteric techniques from many religions and cultures. He has also been fortunate enough to study with several famed kabbalistis.

Daliah is a Reiki Master, CranioSacral practitioner, and yoga teacher, who first set foot upon her spiritual path very early in life. Inspired by her mother, who has been a yoga student since the 1970s, she took up the practice in her homeland, England. Since then, she has studied healing techniques in Israel, Costa Rica and the Far East. She has been guiding detox retreats in Thailand since 2006. Daliah leads Orion Reiki, Crystal Healing workshops and “Integrated Touch” CranioSacral Therapy workshops. She teaches Hatha Yoga from the Science of Yoga Chakra system and is strongly influenced by both the Ashtanga and Iyengar schools of yoga. She also crafts her own jewellery, designed to rebalance chakras and enhance healing, from combinations of crystals. The journey we embark upon when we begin to heal is ongoing and ever-evolving. We travel to discover the world, but also to get away from the distractions that prevent us from aligning with our true path. Once we begin reconnecting with our inner voice and intuition, we begin to discover the joy and happiness that we are searching for.- Daliah Ari and Daliah reside on Koh Samui Island with their 2 sons. Their lives are dedicated to healing using the practice of Reiki, and to teaching people worldwide to use this energy to transform their lives and find the true happiness that we are all looking for.

Simon Belcher

Simon Belcher is passionate about Reiki. He is a Reiki Master and teacher. Simon was initiated at Master level by Orion’s founder, Ari Barkan during a detox retreat at Orion Healing Centre on Koh Phangan. Since then, Simon has dedicated his life to working as a Reiki healer and teacher, initially in Brighton, England where he has lived and now in Thailand as part of the team at Orion.

“After more than 20 years in the fashion industry, I was feeling dissatisfied. I had everything I believed would make me happy, a successful career travelling the world and living the high life and all the things that money could buy; but still there was something missing.”

“During a trip to Thailand, sitting on a beautiful beach one day, I realised that being here I felt more alive, more “real”. I returned to the UK and closed down my fashion business. Although that felt good, I didn’t actually know what to do with my life. Reading a book one day, I read about Reiki healing and had the realisation that it was Reiki that I needed to do, initially to bring healing to my own life.

“Having studied Reiki at levels I & II in Brighton, I was guided back to Thailand and to Orion to take the Reiki Master initiation and course with Ari Barkan. I also did my first detox. It was amazing; I had found what I had been looking for. For the first time I experienced a sense of oneness and connection and I felt a divine guidance enter my life. The alchemy of the Reiki with detox, daily yoga and the particular environment available at Orion opened the door to my complete balance and wellbeing. Since that time my life has been flowing and I have dedicated it to Reiki and detox and to helping to bring the same healing to the lives of others. I have realised that happiness can be ours, right now. We don’t need anything other than to be ourselves in perfect balance and wellness. For me, the way to achieve this is through the magic and unique combination of detox, Reiki and yoga that we offer at Orion Retreat Centre.”

Carol Kandell

Carol has been a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Bodyworker, Feng Shui consultant and teacher of Mindfulness practices for over 20 years. She has a degree in psychology and received her certifications in San Francisco, CA where she resided for much of her adult life. Her deep and clear quality of presence and open heart become a reflective mirror for her clients and a prompt for their potential for change. Her refined level of attention and unconditional approval help people feel truly seen and at ease with her. She absolutely insists that the purpose of life is to experience joy and to have fun! Bodywork modalities: Craniosacral Balancing is a light touch therapy designed to help release the trapped tensions which underlie and govern patterns of dis-ease and stressors in both body and mind. Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy blends subtle energy healing, deep structural alignment, advanced body mechanics and the power of intention to clear physical pain and emotional stress.

Erwann Gewin

Erwann is french sweetheart and veeeery kind soul. His heart for sure is bigger than muscles, and everyone would admit – his muscles are quite impressive. Last year he moved to Thailand to share his knowledge and give support on this beautiful part of planet. By working in heaven and doing his dream job – Erwann daily meets, encourages, inspires and motivates many people who together with Erwann – step by step, hand in hand moves forward in direction of healthy body, good condition and great look. Erwann’s biggest satisfaction is happy client who’s bravery grows faster than muscles.

Valerie Alken

Passionate about dance and a variety of mystical traditions, I am fascinated by the art of movement. As a "Salsera" in heart and soul, ​I have always been involved in dancing, performing and teaching. I started to develop my dance teaching career from 1992 and travelled to learn and perform with various dancers and musicians from all around the world. Besides the plain fun, the increased energy vibrations have always made my spirit soar. Through dance and a passion for Yoga I started noticing a shift in chemistry and I became motivated to dedicate myself more to the practice, study and teaching of Yoga and other healing arts. This journey brought me to Thailand and India in 2014 where I completed Yoga Alliance RYT-200hrs and RYT-300hrs advanced teacher trainings in Ashtanga/Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. Passionately drawing inspiration from many different cultures and traditions, I started to combine my modalities in Yoga, Dance, Psychology, Esthetics, Massage, Aryurveda and Pranic Healing into tailored sessions for the body and mind. ​Currently I'm residing on Koh Samui, offering a variety of dance classes, Yoga and meditation sessions, all embracing the bliss and vibrancy it brings to our lifes. Music/sound, expression, breathing exercises and in-depth knowledge of tradition are aspects that I love to incorporate into all of my lessons, sessions and treatments.

Chris Den Brave

From a young age, the arts, music and movement of the body influenced Chris. Sound and sports always had a place together but he always questioned what the connection actually was. Yoga and meditation was the answer. After ten years of dedicated yoga practice it was time for Chris to share what he had learned and he completed his first 200 hours training at Vikasa in 2014, with a further 100 hours advanced training in 2016. Now living on Koh Samui, Chris teaches a broad range of classes around this beautiful island including dynamic Hatha Yoga, Power Flow, and restorative Yin Yoga.

Nan Phanngoen

Nan – our secretary is a native to the Land of Smiles and her sunny disposition makes that abundantly clear! Her experience in the hospitality industry as well as her experience and education teaching English make it a pleasure to interact with her. She takes care of your time-table, and makes sure you feel welcomed in all the possible ways – starting from your booking moment till you finally arrive (by the way – it’s not a coincidence there was a driver in airport who picked you up). Nan is our kindness – with her smile, sweet gestures and advice you’ll always feel wanted and welcomed. Behind each e-mail sits her and during your retreat, she will always follow your needs and wishes by arranging unforgettable retreat. We really appreciate her selfless input and joy that she radiates! Her optimism and friendly manner envelop all she meets. Her love of reading Harry Potter books should be a giveaway… She does indeed believe in magic!


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