5 Reasons Why Ashtanga Yoga Is Good For A Detox Program

Thought For The Day – 15 September 2014
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5 Reasons Why Ashtanga Yoga Is Good For A Detox Program

  1. Ujjayi Breath – is  very detoxifying, as it heats the body and expels toxins from the upper respiratory tract
  2. Sweat – the continuous movement in Ashtanga encourages a lot of sweat, the body’s way of releasing toxins through the skin
  3. Joints – on around the 3rd day, toxins begin to be released from the joints, allowing for freer movement and a deeper practice
  4. Lymphatic drainage – the extensive muscle contraction in Ashtanga practice acts as a pump for the lymphatic system, allowing for effective lymphatic drainage
  5. Calm mind – the mind is very calm and focused during a detox, as there is no digestion taking place, therefore giving the brain more “thinking power”.  This is a great opportunity to focus on bandas, breath, and drishti.

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